First NameLast NameAffiliationCountriesField
Alessandro Amenta University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Poland, Central and Eastern Europe Polish Language and Literature, Translation Studies, Queer Theory, Gender Studies
Feruza Aripova Northeastern University Soviet Union, The Baltic States. World History, History of Homosexuality/LGBTQ History, Gender.
Michalina Augusiak University of Warsaw Poland History of science and expert knowledge, Socialist Feminism, Queer History, Social Reproduction Theory, Literary History, History of Historiography
Catherine Baker University of Hull Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the post-Yugoslav region in general, United Kingdom Cultural History, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, International Relations, Nationalism Studies, Popular Music Studies, Queer Studies
Orel Beilinson Yale University Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Balkans History
Masha Beketova Humboldt University Berlin Ukraine, Russia, postsoviet migration in Germany queer studies, gender studies, migration
Rita Béres-Deák independent researcher CEE, Hungary cultural anthropology, gender studies
Bojan Bilić University of Lisbon Yugoslavia and post-Yugoslav states Political Sociology, Anthropology
Anna Borgos Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary lesbian herstory, LGBT issues in the history of psychology, women's history
Samuel Buelow Independent Scholar Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Central Asia Cultural Anthropology, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Museum Studies
Philip Bullock University of Oxford Russia, Finland literature, music, gender studies, queer theory, translation studies and reception studies
Julie Cassiday Williams College Russia Performance, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Cultural Studies
Vitaly Chernetsky University of Kansas Russia, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe Literature, Film, Area Studies, Cultural Studies
Agnès Chetaille Université Libre de Bruxelles Poland (and transnational East-West perspective) Sociology - Political Science - Gender and Sexuality Studies - Social Movement Studies - LGBT History
Mark Cornwall University of Southampton Czechoslovakia, Habsburg Empire, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Austria History
Slaven Crnic Central European University Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia Literary Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Cultural Studies
Shaban Darakchi Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Bulgaria Sociology, Gender, Sexuality, LGBTQI, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria
Kate Davison University of Melbourne Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Commonwealth History of sexuality, history of sexology, LGBT history, transnational history, Cold War history, modern European history, Australian history
Ramona Dima Södertörn University Sweden queer and feminist studies, migration studies, Eastern European studies
Connor Doak University of Bristol Russia Russian literature and culture
Olga Doletskaya UCL SSEES Russia queer kinship and reproduction, parenting studies, queer parenting, social anthropology, area studies
Franko Dota University of Rijeka Central and Eastern Europa, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia History of Sexuality, Socialism, Queer and LGBT history
Charlotte Dowling University of Oxford Russia Literature and Culture, Queer Studies, Gender Studies, Bisexuality
Anna Dżabagina University of Warsaw Poland, Russia, Ukraine lesbian literature, queer literature, transnational modernism
Emil Edenborg Swedish Institute of International Affairs Russia, Sweden, Europe Political Science, International Relations
Laurie Essig Middlebury College Russia Gender Studies; Sociology
Carson Fish University of Wisconsin - Madison Russia Russian Literature, Queer and Feminist Theory, Performance Studies, Information Science
Maya Garcia Harvard former USSR, former Yugoslavia literature, film, music, theatre, queer studies, cultural studies
Dinara Garifullina University of Pittsburgh USSR, Russia Soviet and Russian cinema, queer theory, Vasilii Rozanov
Cammeron Girvin Library of Congress Balkan Slavic Library Sciences, Linguistics, Folklore