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Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
lesbian herstory, LGBT issues in the history of psychology, women's history

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research fellow
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Anna Borgos is a psychologist and women’s historian working as a research fellow in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She explores Hungarian women intellectuals of the early 20th, mostly in the field of literature and psychoanalysis. Her field of research includes lesbian herstory and the representation of LGBT issues in psychology. She is the editor in chief of Hungarian psychoanalytic journal, Imágó Budapest. As a founding member of Labrisz Lesbian Association she is also involved in lesbian activism in Hungary.

20th century
Hungarian, English
Recent/Major Publications

Anna Borgos, Ferenc Erős, and Júlia Gyimesi (eds.): Psychology and Politics. Intersections of Science and Ideology in the History of Psy-Sciences. CEU Press, Budapest & New York, 2019.

Holnaplányok. Nők a pszichoanalízis budapesti iskolájában. (Girls of tomorrow: Women in the Budapest School of psychoanalysis). Noran Libro, Budapest, 2018.

Women in the History of Hungarian Psychoanalysis. In: Mauro Antonelli (ed.): European Yearbook of the History of Psychology,  2017, 3: 155-180.

Secret Years. Hungarian Lesbian Herstory 1950s–2000s. Aspasia, The International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History, 2015, 9: 87-112.

Nemek között. Nőtörténet, szexualitástörténet. (Between the Sexes. Women’s History, Sexuality-History) Noran, Budapest, 2013.

Judit Takács, Anna Borgos (eds.): Voicing Women from Eastern Europe. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 2011/3. Special issue