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University of Warsaw
Poland, Russia, Ukraine
lesbian literature, queer literature, transnational modernism

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PhD, literary historian primarily interested in XIXth and early XXth century Central and Eastern European literature, with the core focus on women’s writings, queer literature, and transnational modernist networks. During my Ph.D. studies, I have focused on the biography and works of Polish-German modernist writer Eleonore Kalkowska (1883-1937). Core theoretical frames of my thesis arose from transnational modernism studies, exile studies, and locational feminism. Currently, I am working on the project ‘Sapphic Modernism in Women’s Writings in the Areas of the Russian Empire (Polish, Russian and Ukrainian literature)’ (OPUS research grant funded by the National Science Centre, Poland).
Polish, Russian, English
Recent/Major Publications
  • A. Dżabagina, Kalkowska. Biogeografia [Kalkowska. Biogeography], Gdańsk 2020 (link)
  • A. Dżabagina, Berlin’s Left Bank? Eleonore Kalkowska in women’s artistic networks of Weimar Berlin, in: Polish Avant-Garde in Berlin, ed. M. Stolarska-Fronia, R. Traba, Peter Lang 2020, pp. 151-169 (link) 
  • A. Dżabagina, The Mourning Diaries. Hanna Nałkowska’s journal (1942 -1945), “Teksty Drugie” 2020, nr 1 (english edition, “Convention and Revolution”), p. 257-270.
  • A. Dżabagina, Life Trajectories and Constellations of Eleonore Kalkowska (1883-1937), „Rocznik Komparatystyczny” [Comparative Yearbook] 2017, nr 8, s. 317-335.
  • A. Dżabagina, Modernistyczne spotkanie? Na marginesach „Białej Róży” Narcyzy Żmichowskiej i „Pani Dalloway Virginii Woolf [Modernist encounter? On the margins of Narcyza Żmichowska’s ‘White Rose’ and Virginia Woolf’s ‘Mrs. Dalloway’], in: Wiktorianie nad Tamizą i nad Wisłą [Victorian on the Thames and on the Vistula], ed. E. Paczoska, Warszawa 2016, pp. 387-397.