First NameLast NameAffiliationCountriesField
Olga Plakhotnik Center for Cultural-Anthropological Studies Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Canada Queer Feminist Studies, Diaspora Studies, Postsocialism, Sociology
Marija Radoman Reseracher Serbia Sociology
Hadley Renkin Central European University Hungary anthropology, queer and gender studies
Ira Roldugina University of Oxford Russia, Soviet Union history of homosexuality in Russia, intimacy in GULAG, AIDS during Perestroika, social history of the 18th century Russia
Sarah Rosenthal The Museum of Russian Art Russia, Ukraine Library Science, History, LGBTQ Studies, Russian History, Security Studies
Sandra Russell University of Massachusetts Amherst Ukraine, Russia, United States, Canada Comparative Literature; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Jan Seidl Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts; Society for Queer Memory Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Slovakia queer history (19th and 20th centuries)
Zhanar Sekerbayeva University of Tsukuba Central Asia, Kazakhstan transgender studies, gender studies, queer studies, feminist methodologies
Maryna Shevtsova Center for European Studies, University of Florida Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Russia Political Science, Gender Studies, Sociology
Evgeny Shorygin Lobachevsky University, East European Institute of Psychoanalysis Russia queer studies, lgbt studies, sociology, sexology, psychoanalysis
Evgeny Shtorn Queer Diaspora Ireland Russia, Ireland sociology, ethnography
Koen Slootmaeckers City, University of London Serbia, Western Balkans European LBGT politics, EU Enlargement and LGBT rights in Western Balkans. Nationalism and Homophobia. International Politics, Political Sociology
Francesca Stella University of Glasgow Russia; migration to UK from post-socialist region (esp. Poland) sociology; Russian studies
Syinat Sultanalieva University of Tsukuba Central Asia Gender studies, feminist methodologies, postcoloniality
Judit Takács MTA TK - Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary and other post-socialist CEE countries sociology, social history
Svetlana Ter-Grigoryan The Ohio State University Russia; Former USSR Russian/Soviet History; History of Sexuality
Duygu Ula University of Michigan Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey Queer visual cultures, literature and activism
Karlis Verdins Washington University in St. Louis The Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe Comparative Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Cai Wilkinson Deakin University Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Central Asia, International Relations; Critical Security Studies; Genders and Sexualities; Human rights
Cecil Leigh Wilson University of Wisconsin - Madison Russia, Czechoslovakia Russian Literature, Disability Studies, Queer Studies, Trans Studies
Andrej Zavrl Independent Slovenia Literature, LGBTQ studies
Jasna Jasna Žmak Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb Croatia, Serbia, Yugoslavia performance studies