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Center for European Studies, University of Florida
Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Russia
Political Science, Gender Studies, Sociology

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Political scientist and LGBT rights activist with interdisciplinary background (International Economic Relations, Gender Studies, Psychology, Political Science). 

Currently I am a Fulbright Scholar at the Center for European Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville. I define myself as an independent researcher, political scientist, psychologist, and human rights defender. I hold PhD degrees in Political Science from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, and in Economics from Oles Honchar National University, Dnipro, Ukraine. I also work as a program officer at Civil Organization “Parents Initiative “TERGO” which is an organization for parents and families of LGBTQ+ people.

My research interests and expertise include education policies, human rights and, in particular, rights of LGBTQ+ people, and promotion of human rights norms in post-Soviet and post-socialist space and in MENA region. At the moment my research projects include discursive practices in post-Soviet countries on HIV/AIDS prevention; development of civil society organizations in Central and Eastern Europe; refugee regimes and asylum policies for LGBTQ+ people in the EU and the USA; and role of Western donors in democracy promotion in former Soviet republics. 

As a coach and freelance consultant and trainer, I offer workshops, seminars, presentations and talks on tolerance, diversity, sexual education, sexuality, education abroad, fundraising, grant-writing, gender equality, and other topics upon request.



Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, German, Italian
Recent/Major Publications
With Guler A. and Venturi. D. (Editors, 2018) LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees from a legal and political perspective: persecution, asylum and integration . Springer: Berlin.
With Radzhana Buyantuyeva. (Editors, forthcoming 2019) LGBTI activism on the post-Soviet space:politics of (ex)inclusion and (in)visibility. Palgrave McMillan.
Peer reviewed journal articles 
  • Shevtsova, M. (2017) Learning the lessons from the Euromaidan: ups and downs of civil societyactivistm in Ukrainian public sphere. Special issue of Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal 
  •  Shevtsova, M. (2017) Friend of Foe? Foreign donors’ role in formation of civil society in Ukraine. Special issue of Social Science Review.
  • Shevtsova, M. (2017) Conducting LGBTI movements research in the post-soviet context: bridging thegap between activism and academia and other challenges in Special issue of Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Peer reviewed chapters in edited volumes 
  • Shevtsova, M. (forthcoming in 2018). Being LGB (T) in Turkey: life-long search for a drive fordemocratization and social struggle in Worldwide Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals:History, Culture and Law Gerber, P. (Ed.), Praeger Press.
  • Shevtsova, M. (2018). Strategies to fight homophobia in post-Euromaidan Ukraine: constructing a goodgay citizen and Ukrainian homonormative patriotism in O. Burlyuk, and N. Shapovalova (eds.) CivilSociety in post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Revolution to Consolidation, Ibidem Verlag.
  • With Guler A. and Venturi. D. (2018). Introduction and Conclusion in Guler A., Shevtsova M. and Venturi.D. (eds.) LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees from a legal and political perspective: persecution, asylum and integration . Springer: Berlin.
  • Shevtsova, M. (2017). Euromaidan and the Echoes of the Orange Revolution: Comparing ResourceMobilization and Resistance Practices of Protest Camps in Ukraine in 2004 and 2013 in A.Feigenbaum, F. Frenzel, and P. McCurdy (eds.) Protest Camps in International Context: Spaces,Infrastructures and Media of Resistance , Policy Press: pp. 241-257.
  • Shevtsova, M. (2017). Queering Gezi and Maidan: instrumentalization and negotiation of sexuality in theprotest movements in Non-Western Social Movements and Participatory Democracy Protest in theAge of Transnationalism, Arbatli, E., Rosenberg, D. (Eds.),Springer, pp. 85-100Shevtsova, M. (2015).