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City, University of London
Serbia, Western Balkans
European LBGT politics, EU Enlargement and LGBT rights in Western Balkans. Nationalism and Homophobia. International Politics, Political Sociology

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Lecturer in International Politics
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Koen Slootmaeckers is a lecturer in International Politics at the Department of International Politics at City, University of London. He has a background in sociology and a PhD in Political Science from Queen Mary University of London. 
His research deals with the promotion of and resistance to LGBT equality in international politics. More specifically, Koen has studied the EU accession of Serbia and how this process affects LGBT politics and activism. More generally, Koen’s research interest is the power relations within transnational politics and the de-construction of core-periphery hierarchical relations, with a specific interest in topics dealing with masculinities and LGBT issues.

Recent/Major Publications
  • Slootmaeckers, K. (forthcoming). Nationalism as competing masculinities: On the location of homophobia as a technology of othering. Theory & Society.
  • Slootmaeckers, K., O’Dwyer, C. (2018). Europeanization of Attitudes Towards Homosexuality: Exploring the Role of Education in the Transnational Diffusion of Values. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research31(4), 406-428.
  • Slootmaeckers, K., Sircar, I. (2018). Marrying European and Domestic Politics? The Marriage Referendum in Croatia and Value-Based Euroscepticism . Europe-Asia Studies. 70(3), 321-344.
  • Slootmaeckers, K. (2017). The Litmus Test of Pride: Analysing the Emergence of the Belgrade ‘Ghost’ Pride in the Context of EU Accession. East European Politics. 33(4), 517-535.