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University of Plymouth
Central and Eastern Europe, Poland, 'the West',
queer epistemologies, queer studies, sociology of sexuality, nationalism nad national identities, LGBT movements, cultural sociology, discourse studies,

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Lecturer in Sociology
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I am interested in the critical epistemologies of the hegemonic geo-temporal ‘knowledge’ in queer studies. The concept of the ‘cultural translation’, the possibility of using the decolonial and post-colonial theories in the study of ‘post-communist Europe’ is also important to me. Another leg of my research concerns the transnational sexual politics, nationhood and non-normative identities as interlocked with discourses of geography and temporality, ‘West and the Rest’, and EUropeanization.

Recent/Major Publications

Kulpa, R. (forthcoming) “National Menace: Homosexuality and the EU in the Polish National/ist Discourses”. In: Critical Discourse Studies.

Alldred, P., Fox, N., and Kulpa, R. (2016) “Engaging Parents with Sex and Relationship Education”. In: Health Education Journal. Vol. 75 No. 7, pp. 855-68.

Kulpa, R., Silva, J.M., (2016) “Decolonizing Queer Epistemologies”. In: The Routledge Research Companion to Geographies of Sex and Sexualities. Eds. Browne, K. and Brown, G. London: Routledge.

Kulpa, R. (2014) “Western Leveraged Pedagogy of Central and Eastern Europe: Discourses of Homophobia, Tolerance, and Nationhood”. In: Gender, Place and Culture. A Journal of Feminist Geography. Vol. 21, No 4, pp. 431-448.