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Queer Geography; National Institute of Mental Health
Czechia (The Czech Republic)
Geographies of sexualities, queer theory, LGBTQ+ psychology, social psychology, sociology, social epidemiology, human rights, social critical theory

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researcher, (in)dependent scholar
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I work at the boundary of several disciplines that lock together via my intersecting research interests in understanding the workings of societal heteronormativity and its effects on geographies of sexualities, quality of life in non-heterosexuals, spatiotemporal negotiation of non-heterosexual identities and specifically the effects of heteronormative stigma and/or minority stress on mental health in non-heterosexuals and gender-nonconforming people. My background in human geography drives my motivations to study various links between the structural-individual scales and penetrate the barriers between diverse disciplinary thought. I also have a background in queer and feminist theories. I work at the National Institute of Mental Health (Klecany, Czechia), where my research focuses on minority stress and its effects on Czech non-heterosexual populations. I also work as an independent scholar in the field of geographies of sexualities and as a chair of a Prague based NGO Queer Geography that focuses on the popularization of evidence-based science, and functions as a knowledge base to support of non-heterosexuals’s and gender-nonconforming people’s rights and liberties in Czechia, Slovakia and beyond. My activities also include work in HIV/AIDS destigmatization and related policymaking. 

Czech, Slovak, English, Hungarian
Recent/Major Publications
PITOŇÁK, M. (2019). Lessons from the “Periphery”: Countering Anglo-Geographic Hegemony over geographies of sexuality and gender. Documents d’Anàlisi Geogràfica, 1573, 1.
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PITOŇÁK, M. (2018): Rozostření příčin a následků: Syndemie HIV mezi ne-heterosexuálními muži. Biograf, 67-68: . Dostupné na
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