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Middlebury College
Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Soviet Union
Literature, Film, Queer Theory

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Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Languages and Literature
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Kevin Moss, the Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Languages and Literature at Middlebury College, holds a joint position in the Russian Department and the program in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. He has written on Russian and East European film, on Olga Freidenberg, and on Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, and he has translated the works of Yevgeny Kharitonov. Since 1990 he has studied gay & lesbian culture in Russia and Eastern Europe, and in 1997 he edited the first anthology of gay writing from Russia, Out of the Blue: Russia’s Hidden Gay Literature (Gay Sunshine Press). Recently he has published on films from ex-Yugoslavia with gay protagonists, on homonationalism and the politics of Split Pride, and on Russia’s role in the new anti-gender campaigns in Europe.

Russian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Hungarian, Old Church Slavonic, (French, Classical Greek)
Recent/Major Publications

“Russia as the saviour of European civilization: Gender and the geopolitics of traditional values,” in Roman Kuhar and David Paternotte, eds., Anti-Gender Campains in Europe: Mobilizing against Gender Equality (London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017), 195-214.

“Split Pride/Split Identities,” in Laurie Essig and Sujata Moorti, eds., special edition of QED, A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking, Vol. 3, No. 2 (Summer 2016), pp. 56-75.

“Воплощение гомосексуальности в работах Евгения Харитонова и Геннадия Трифонова” [Celebrating Embodied Homosexuality in Evgeny Kharitonov and Gennady Trifonov], tr. Aleksandr Kondakov, in Aleksandr Kondakov, ed., На перепутье: методология, теория и практика ЛГБТ и квир-исследований, СПб: Центр независимых социологических исследований, 2014, 191-201.

“Straight Eye for the Queer Guy: Gay Male Visibility in Post-Soviet Russian Films,” in Balogh, Andrea and Nárcisz Fejes, Queer Visibility in Postsocialist Cultures, Farnham: Intellect, 2013, 197-220.

“Queering Ethnicity in the First Gay Films from Ex-Yugoslavia,” Feminist Media Studies, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Sept. 2012), 352-370.