First NameLast NameAffiliationCountriesField
Clinton Glenn McGill University Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia New Media Studies, Art History, Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Jodi Greig University of Wisconsin-Madison Poland, East-Central Europe Literary, film, and performance studies, queer theory, Polish studies
Anna Hajkova Warwick University Central Europe Holocaust, Jewish and Communist history
Dan Healey University of Oxford Russia, Soviet Union History: LGBT in USSR and contemporary Russia; Homophobia; Gulag sexuality; Soviet & Russian medicine, psychiatry, forensic medicine
Dean Inwood University of Surrey United Kingdom, Europe Sociology, Networked Intimacies, Sexuality, LGBTQ+, dating/hook-up apps, identities, media, communications, technology, internet
Yelena Kalinsky H-Net, Michigan State University Russia, Soviet Union art history, performance studies, digital humanities, translation
Rasa Kamarauskaite School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL Lithuania Sociology
Mišo Kapetanović University of St. Gallen Former Yugoslavia Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Human Geography
Kamil Karczewski European University Institute Poland queer history
Sara Karpukhin University of Wisconsin-Madison Russia literary studies, queer theory, classical tradition, reception theory
Maksym Kasianchuk Eurasian coalition on male health (ECOM) Eastern Europe and Central Asia Public health
Tatiana Klepikova University of Toronto Russia, Soviet Union Cultural Studies, Literature, Performance Studies
Samantha Knapton University of Nottingham Germany, Poland, United Kingdom History
Alexander Kondakov University of Helsinki Russia Law, Sociology
Roman Kuhar Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe sociology, everyday life, anti-gender movement, homophobia, politics
Roberto Kulpa University of Plymouth Central and Eastern Europe, Poland, 'the West', queer epistemologies, queer studies, sociology of sexuality, nationalism nad national identities, LGBT movements, cultural sociology, discourse studies,
Uku Lember Tallinn University Soviet Union, Estonia, Ukraine Oral history, anthropology, qualitative sociology, history,
Mariya Levitanus The University of Edinburgh Central Asia, Kazakhstan Counselling and Psychotherapy, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Central Asian Studies, Psychosocial Studies
Ineta Lipša University of Latvia Latvia, Baltic states, Former Soviet Union History of Sexuality, History of Homosexuality, Cold War History, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies
Alexander Markin University of Zurich Russia, East Germany, USA Cold War Studies, Cultural Studies, Russian Literature, Film Studies, Queer Theory
Nick Mayhew Stanford University Russia Cultural studies; queerness and religion; queerness and the law
Galina Miazhevich Cardiff University, UK Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic states, Eastern Europe Media, culture and gender studies
Richard Mole UCL Russia, Poland, Germany, Baltic States Sociology, International Relations
Rafal Morusiewicz independent Poland queering film, visual arts, queer methodology, autoethnography, remixing
Kevin Moss Middlebury College Russia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Soviet Union Literature, Film, Queer Theory
Jaromír Mrňka Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes & Charles University, Prague Czechoslovakia, Bohemian Lands Historiography, Theory & Methodology, Modern Economic & Social History, Modern History of Bohemian Lands, Dictatorship & Society, Violence
Marianna Muravyeva University of Helsinki Russia and NIS sexuality, gender, law, gender-based violence
Alexandra Novitskaya Stony Brook University Former Soviet Union, Russia, United States Gender and sexuality studies; LGBTQ studies; migration and mobility; queer studies; ethnography; geopolitics
Janis Ozolins Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, University of Latvia Baltic States, Eastern and Central Europe Literature, Film, Queer Studies, Masculinities Studies, Dissability Studies, Narrative Theory
Michal Pitoňák Queer Geography; National Institute of Mental Health Czechia (The Czech Republic) Geographies of sexualities, queer theory, LGBTQ+ psychology, social psychology, sociology, social epidemiology, human rights, social critical theory